Beau is the IT Manager here at Gorilla performance. Beau loves all things video games, he’s a true gamer through and though. Beau also loves all things pirates and has a fun collection of memorabilia. You’ll find Beau hanging wit his family or gaming. Or he’ll be here at Gorilla Performance keeping our computer system…



Bridger works on installation team. He loves playing on toys year round. You’ll find him on a dirt bike in the summer and on a snow machine during the winter months.


Jeanyck is also our shop manager. He’s grown up around Berry and much of the team. Custom auto is his passion and experience. Jeanyck is a local guy that loves the area and loves to serve locals as well.


Dan is our shop manager. All of our Rexburg jobs will go through him. Dan specializes in customer service, if you’re local and need a custom auto job done, he’s your man. Dan, like the rest of our team, loves dirt biking and snow machining.


Esther is our Office Manager. The whole operation would be lost without her. Esther enjoys spending time with her husband and her kids. Family is life!


Barry is our fearless leader, he is our President and CEO. Barry has been working on custom auto projects most of his life. He started out specializing in car audio systems and now runs the ship that is GDP tuning and Gorilla performance.