Car Audio System

Choosing your car audio system allows you to not only get the perfect sound, but also choose how that sound will be. If you like less bass it’s no problem, if you like too much bass that works too. Choose from the highest quality products in the car audio market.

Window tinting

Want to avoid that one sided driver’s arm tan? Protect against harmful UV rays with a custom window tinting. Window tinting will also help you stay cool during the summer months. You’ll also add to the over-all look of your vehicle.

Bed Liner

A spray on bed liner is one of the staples after you’ve bought your truck! Protect your bed from all the dings, dents, and scrapes that are bound to happen. Whether your load is light or heavy you’ll defiantly want protection and durability when hauling in your truck.

Remote Start

When you’re needing to start your vehicle and its freezing or raining outside, you’ll be glad you have remote start. Warming your vehicle up in those cold Idaho mornings will help your engine last, and is better for your vehicle as a whole.

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